NATO Chief Points the US by Appointment: Out Together, At Home Together

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NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg reminds the United States and all its allies of their intention not to withdraw from Afghanistan on their own.


If the alliance leaves Afghanistan too early or not in an orderly fashion, it may take a “very high” toll. Afghanistan could then become a base for attacks on the West, he warns.

Stoltenberg expresses concern after reports that outgoing US President Donald Trump wants to speed up the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in the coming months.

Ever since Trump took office, the Secretary-General has assured that NATO allies have joined forces in Afghanistan and will leave together in due course the country torn by tribal strife and extremism.

He “counts on all allies to live up to this commitment. For our safety.”

“No NATO ally wants to stay longer than necessary,” says Stoltenberg. “But Afghanistan is in danger of becoming a base again for international terrorists to launch attacks on our homelands. And IS could rebuild the terror caliphate it lost in Syria and Iraq.”

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