More Than 5000 Corona Deaths in Germany

More Than 5000 Corona Deaths in Germany

The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak in Germany has risen to 5,018. 147,400 people have been diagnosed with the virus.


This is reported by the DPA news agency based on figures from the federal states.

Bavaria is currently the most affected state. There, 39,100 infections were diagnosed, and at least 1,443 patients died.

This is followed by North Rhine-Westphalia (more than 30,200 infections and 964 deaths) bordering the Netherlands and Baden-W├╝rttemberg, where 29,300 coronation cases have been diagnosed, and at least 1,103 patients have died.

The total number of infections in Germany is probably higher because not everyone is tested with the virus.

Authorities estimate that every ten infected people transmit the virus to nine others (a reproduction number of 0.9). That means the epidemic is gradually disappearing.

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