Miley Cyrus Is Having A Hard Time

Miley Cyrus Is Having A Hard Time

Miley Cyrus is having a Hard time with her New Lover. The love life of Miley Cyrus (26) is more exciting than an average GTST episode.


She divorced the summer after a one-year marriage from Liam Hemsworth,

 got something with Kaitlynn Carter and meanwhile, she is happy again with her new flame Cody Simpson.

The two are officially dating, and Miley does not hide that.

Miley and Cody are just a bunch of teenagers in love.

They regularly appear on each other’s Instagram stories.

Cody, in particular, shows his new love a lot.

For example, he shared a picture from early in the morning with the text: “Breakfast for swimming this babe.”

In the photo, they gave each other a big packer.

It seems that Miley and Cody don’t leave each other alone for a day.

He later posted another Instagram story, on which the two had a romantic get-together.

Last weekend Miley confirmed that she and Cody are dating.

Shortly before, they were spotted kissing in an oh-so-romantic supermarket.

The singer wrote on Instagram: “I refuse to retire and only date home because of a.

That is not fun and b. Extremely uncomfortable and it brings me in a vulnerable position.

I want to do an activity on a date and not be trapped in my own house where there is nothing else to do but Netflix and chill. “

The ex-wife of Liam Hemsworth also immediately asked for privacy,

 because she is not used to all that attention to her dates.

“This dating thing is different to me too.

I have never done this before as an adult woman.

Since my teenage years, I have almost always had relationships with the exception of a few breaks,

 during which I usually worked my way up.

Meeting people or trusting me in my position is difficult enough. “

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