Merkel and Macron Seek US Clarification Over Wiretapping

Merkel and Macron Seek US Clarification Over Wiretapping

After their joint summit on Monday, the leaders of Germany and France, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron asked the United States for clarification over reports from Denmark that a US secret service, the National Security Agency NSA, was tapping European leaders others.


French President Macron says it is unacceptable for the Americans to wiretap allies.

The NSA activities have long been known, among other things, at the hands of a former freelance employee of the NSA, Edward Snowden.

Based on his leaks, it was already revealed in the fall of 2013 that a cell phone belonging to Merkel had been tapped by the NSA for years. It led to years of deep mistrust between Berlin and Washington.

The Danish public broadcaster on Monday launched the story that the NSA, in conjunction with Danish intelligence agency Merkel, and other European dignitaries spied on. The NSA used the European network of internet cables, of which essential nodes are located in Denmark.

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