Melania Trump Did Not Write Thank-You Notes to the Staff

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Melania Trump has not written her own thank-you notes to White House employees, sources reported to CNN.


According to the sources, it is customary for the American First Lady to write a short thank-you letter to White House employees when she says goodbye. This time, the staff received a typed message written by an employee and signed only by Trump.

Melania Trump would “not regret leaving Washington and the White House,” and her activities as First Lady would have been halted for weeks, the sources said.

President Donald Trump, on the other hand, is said to have worked hard even on his last night. He is said to have been pardoning individuals until just before midnight, with his daughter Ivanka’s help.

Staff sources call it “bittersweet” to see the Trump family leave on Wednesday, and another source said to be relieved. The White House employs about 80 people, including butlers, cooks, maintenance workers and other wait staff.

The employees are employed by the White House and will continue to work there even if a new president moves in.

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