Media: US Sends Several Thousand Soldiers to Eastern Europe

Media: US Sends Several Thousand Soldiers to Eastern Europe

The United States is sending several thousand soldiers to Eastern Europe because of the heightened tensions around Ukraine, US media and the Reuters news agency reported.


President Joe Biden said he would send troops soon at the end of January.

Two thousand soldiers are stationed in Germany and Poland. These troops will leave the US state of North Carolina this week, The Wall Street Journal reports. In addition, according to this newspaper, it has been decided that about a thousand soldiers who are already in Germany will be sent to Romania.

Earlier it was announced that 8,500 American soldiers were put on readiness for deployment to eastern Europe. That is in case the troops are needed quickly, for example, during a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The West fears that Russia will invade Ukraine because some 100,000 Russian soldiers are said to be stationed at the border. Russia denies that there are such plans but does demand security guarantees. In addition, the country wants NATO troops to leave Eastern Europe and for Ukraine never to join NATO. The US and NATO have already said they will not agree to these demands.

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