Many More American Corona Deaths Than Reported

Many More American Corona Deaths Than Reported

In the United States, tens of thousands of people may have died from the coronavirus more than officially reported.


In March, April and May, 122,300 more died than usual. However, the number of reported corona deaths in those three months is 95,235, a study said.

The researchers point to differences in the reports by the American states. In some areas, no corona tests were initially available.

According to media, it may be that initially, many deaths in nursing homes were not included. Many deaths may also be attributed to pneumonia, without a link to the coronavirus.

The United States already has the most infections worldwide, now more than 2.73 million. The number of over 130,000 reported corona deaths is also the highest in the world.

A top White House advisor fears a sharp increase in the number of infections if no further measures are taken, and relaxations are not reversed.

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