Man Dead after Explosion E-Cigarette: Pieces Found in Skull

Man Dead after Explosion E-Cigarette: Pieces Found in Skull

A 38-year-old man in the US state of Florida died earlier this month due to an explosion of his electronic cigarette. The e-cigarette exploded in his face; two parts shot into his skull. The fire also arose in his apartment, posted by City News Journal.


The tragic accident happened on 5 May in Tampa. Firefighters found the lifeless body in the bedroom. The man was burnt for 80 percent of his body.

After two weeks of research, experts have now determined the cause of death. According to the researchers, the man did not die as a result of the fire, but because two parts of the cigarette ended up in his skull.


There was also a lot of damage in the apartment. The researchers speak of an accident.

According to Sky News, more than 195 incidents occurred in the United States between 2009 and 2016 when an e-cigarette exploded or caught fire. 133 people were injured, 38 of them seriously. As far as we know, the 38-year-old man from Tampa is the first person in America to die from an explosion of an electronic cigarette.

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