Macron Wants to Include Abortion and the Environment in European Fundamental Rights

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The right to abortion and the protection of the environment must be included in the fundamental rights of the European Union, says French President Emmanuel Macron.


The president, whose country will chair the EU this six months, wants to protect these matters “more explicitly”.

Macron addressed the European Parliament on Wednesday and explained his government’s pushing for until the summer. The presidency coincides with the presidential elections in April. Macron previously said he is looking for a new term in office and is warm to the campaign.

“We need to update the EU charter, in particular, to make it more explicit for protecting the environment or recognizing the right to abortion,” Macron said in the parliament meeting room in Strasbourg, France. “To breathe new life” into the charter, which is “the only future of our joint political project,” said the French president.

Roberta Metsola, who took office this week, has rejected abortion. For this, she received criticism from France in particular.

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