Macron Changes His Party’s Name to Renaissance

Macron Changes His Party’s Name to Renaissance

French President Emmanuel Macron has renamed his party Renaissance. Party leader Stanislas Guerini says that the party wants to profile itself as a “popular party that wants to be open to always choose enlightenment over darkness”.


Macron’s party was called La République en marche, but it wanted to appeal to a wider group with the new name. According to Guerini, the party must “be there for the people and be open to citizens and local representatives”.

In June, the French will vote for parliament. Renaissance forms one list in those elections with the centre party Mouvement démocrate and the new party Horizons.

The announcement of this coalition comes a day after left-wing and green parties also announced that they would run together in the parliamentary elections. The parties that have competed for years want to be able to form a bloc against Macron in parliament.

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