Lawyers in England and Wales Go on Strike

Lawyers in England and Wales Go on Strike

Lawyers in England and Wales go on strike for more pay. The profession will stop working for an indefinite period from Monday. The lawyers find, among other things, the fee they receive from the state too low.

The aim is to “shine a spotlight on the magnitude of the crisis,” Jo Sidhu, president of the criminal defense lawyers’ association, told Britain’s PA news agency. Criminal defense attorneys have previously held a temporary strike and now voted overwhelmingly for an indefinite strike.

The British government previously called the strike “irresponsible” and asked the Bar Association to reconsider the plan. The Bar Association rejected the government’s earlier offer, which the PA said would result in lawyers earning an average of £7,000 more per year, equivalent to almost £8,100. However, there is a disagreement that the increased fees would only be paid for new mandates, not for ongoing cases.

The strikes have so far caused delays in 6,000 court hearings, according to the UK Justice Department. The strike could largely bring the criminal justice system in England and Wales to a standstill. As a result, many things will have to be postponed.

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