KLM is Postponing the Previously Agreed Wage Increase of 2.5 Percent

KLM is Postponing the Previously Agreed Wage Increase of 2.5 Percent

KLM is postponing the previously agreed wage increase of 2.5 percent for all employees as of August until further notice.


Society, which is on the drip from the government due to the corona crisis, took this decision unilaterally. The unions were informed on Thursday afternoon.

The wage step reached last year after lengthy negotiations with trade unions would cost the company around EUR 50 million annually. KLM emphasizes that it is not about cancellation, but about the postponement and says it cannot do otherwise.

KLM currently loses around 10 million euros every day. “The situation then, however, is completely different from the reality of today”, it sounds.

KLM previously submitted a request to the trade unions to postpone the agreed wage increase and to have it part of the talks about a total package of measures. The unions did not consent unambiguously in this then.

KLM must present a plan in October as a condition for the government support it will receive to get through the crisis. In addition to millions of wage subsidies, this involves billions in loans and guarantees.

According to KLM, the cost reductions are also necessary to guarantee the continued existence of the airline. Then it is socially and financially unacceptable to implement the wage increase, according to KLM.

KLM previously postponed the payment of the profit-sharing for 2019. Adjustments to schedule regulations were also suspended until further notice. From August 25, negotiations will start with the unions about further modifications.

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