Johnson: Inquiry into Partygate Scandal is Independent

Johnson: Inquiry into Partygate Scandal is Independent

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says top government official Sue Gray has been able to conduct an independent investigation into the ‘party gate’ scandal. His comment comes just days after British media reported a previously undisclosed meeting between the two.


The opposition demanded an urgent explanation from Johnson on Saturday about his consultations with Gray, who had been ordered by the prime minister to conduct an independent investigation into government parties and get-togethers during corona lockdowns. Johnson told reporters on Monday that he would not comment on Gray’s report until it was published. According to Johnson, it will not be long before the investigation is shared.

Johnson’s spokesperson said the meeting discussed plans Gray and her team would have regarding the publication of the final report. The appointment is said to have been suggested by officials. Gray shared her critical findings in January, but the full report was withheld due to the ongoing police investigation. Police said Thursday they had completed their investigation.

Johnson and government employees have received a total of 126 corona fines. These relate to eight meetings between May 2020 and April 2021. Gray investigated sixteen alleged parties and get-togethers during the same period. According to her, there was a lack of leadership at the time and some meetings should never have taken place.

British media expect the final report to include details of the 16 meetings. They write that names may be made public and photos published as well. The police previously did not share information about the identity of the people who had not adhered to the corona measures. In addition to these two investigations, one is also being conducted by Parliament. It’s about Johnson’s alleged deception of parliament.

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