Italy Is Investigating Possible Abuse Of Power By Google

Italy Is Investigating Possible Abuse Of Power By Google

Italy is Investigating possible Abuse of power by Google. The Italian competition authority has launched an investigation into possible abuse of power by Google, according to the reports.


The authority claims that Google did not want to include the Enel X Recharge app from Italian developer Enel in the Android Auto app.

With the app, users can see on a map which charging points are nearby.

Android Auto is Google’s solution to use a smartphone while driving,

 without creating inconvenience and distraction.

The Italian authority says that excluding Enel X Recharge will make the app less functional.

In a statement, the watchdog reports that Google may be abusing its market position.

By preventing apps like this, more people would use Google Maps,

 which can also indicate where the charging points are.

The study will be completed at the end of May next year.

High fines for Google
Google has been fined a few times for abuse of power.

In March this year, the European Commission’s tech company still had to pay 1.30 billion pounds because of impeding competing advertisers.

In 2017, Google ended up paying a fine of 2.1 billion pounds,

 because it pulled its product comparator into search results.

In 2018 it turned out that Google had abused its dominant position with the operating system Android.

The fine for this amounted to 3.80 billion pounds.

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