Iranian Ambassador Denies Cleaning up the Plane Crash

Iranian Ambassador Denies Cleaning up the Plane Crash

The Iranian ambassador to Britain has denied Friday that his country has bullied the site of the crash of the Ukrainian plane.


Diplomat Hamid Baeidinejad said in an interview with Sky News that such messages are “absolutely absurd.”

He also said he had doubts about images that could make it clear that the Boeing was hit by a rocket. “We need to be very cautious when reviewing such videos if we don’t know if they do show the truth,” he said.

“Aircraft accidents are a very technical issue. I can’t judge, you can’t judge, reporters on the ground can’t judge. Nobody can judge. A foreign minister or a prime minister can’t judge this issue.”

The United Kingdom and Canada said on Thursday that they had information indicating that the plane was shot down with a rocket.
There are also video images showing that a projectile is hitting the plane. Iran has denied that a missile caused the crash, which killed 176 people.

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