IAEA Chief Grossi in Ukraine for Nuclear Power Plant Talks

IAEA Chief Grossi in Ukraine for Nuclear Power Plant Talks

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General Rafael Grossi is in Ukraine for talks with senior government officials about the safety of nuclear facilities in the country.


The IAEA is deeply concerned about the war raging in Ukraine after the Russian invasion and wants to assist the Ukrainians to prevent an accident.

“The military conflict puts Ukraine’s nuclear power plants and other facilities with radioactive materials at unprecedented risk,” Grossi said. “We need to take urgent action to ensure that they can continue to operate safely and reduce the risk of a nuclear accident that could have serious consequences for health and the environment, both in Ukraine and abroad.”

The IAEA boss plans to visit one of the nuclear power plants, but the organization is not sure which one that is. Nevertheless, the IAEA says it has drawn up concrete and detailed plans to ensure the safety of nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

“There have been several close calls already. We can’t afford to lose any more time,” said Grossi. “This conflict is already causing unimaginable human suffering and destruction. The expertise and capabilities of the IAEA are needed to prevent this also leading to a nuclear accident.”

Grossi is likely to hold a press conference later this week on his return to Vienna, where the IAEA headquarters are located.

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