Hundreds of Amazon Employees are Leaving Work in Germany

Hundreds of Amazon Employees are Leaving Work in Germany

Work stoppages broke out on Monday amid the Christmas rush in several German branches of online store group Amazon.


For example, about 800 employees at locations in Rheinberg and Werne have run away from their activities due to a conflict over employment conditions.

Angry German Amazon employees have also announced that they plan to stop working until Christmas Eve on Thursday. Amazon does not expect significant disruptions in deliveries for the time being, because most of the staff are still working as usual.

The distribution of goods for Belgium usually is also, at least in part, run from a distribution centre in Germany.

Amazon is currently much busier than usual. Due to the massive store closures due to the virus outbreak, many people can actually only buy their Christmas presents online.

At the same time, there is a conflict with the Verdi union. It has called for a strike to get Amazon to recognize a wage agreement that applies to small businesses and delivery companies in Germany. The German union is also calling for better working conditions.

However, Amazon believes that its employees benefit from “excellent salaries, excellent benefits and excellent career prospects.”

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