Huawei and Motorola Launch New Foldable Phones in China

Huawei and Motorola Launch New Foldable Phones in China

Chinese tech group Huawei Technologies and subsidiary Honor have recently introduced plans for new foldable phones for the Chinese market. Motorola, the smartphone brand of the Chinese Lenovo Group, also hopes to win the highly competitive Chinese market with a new folding phone.


Every company praises the new devices in the top segment of the market. The Huawei P50 Pocket has a price tag of 8,988 yuan. Honour calls the Magic V its first foldable top device, and Motorola comes with a third generation of its Razr flip phone. Huawei is already selling its foldable device in China after announcing it at a streaming event on December 23.

The Huawei P50 Pocket is only sold in China. In any case, the Chinese group releases only a few mobile phones in Europe. The United States has banned the use of Huawei technology in communications and networking equipment. Washington accuses Huawei of spying for the Chinese government. For example, new Huawei devices can no longer use Google services due to the US trade ban. Many folding devices from other Chinese manufacturers are also only available in China.

The smartphone market is expected to grow to just under 1.4 billion units shipped by 2022, according to data from research firm IDC. According to IDC, new forms such as foldable devices and capabilities such as access to 5G will be the key to winning customers.

Market leader Samsung Electronics has already launched several generations of its folding devices. To date, Samsung’s best-selling foldable model is the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which launched in August. The American technology group Apple has also considered a foldable device, but there seem to be no foldable iPhones on the market for the time being. However, there are rumours that Apple may come with its first folding phone in 2023.

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