How Do You Recognize A Counterfeit Laguiole Knife?

How Do You Recognize A Counterfeit Laguiole Knife?

Today, the market is flooded with countless counterfeit products that make it tough to distinguish the real ones from the chunk. Laguiole knives are one of the historical assets that have retained its charm and legacy since the day it was introduced in the 19th century.

Laguiole knife has today earned a huge fan following worldwide. However, the biggest problem with these knives is the availability of fake brands that claim to offer 100% genuine knives to the customers.

Still, you don’t need to worry at all. Some factors can help you bring out a genuine knife from the large slot. Before that, let’s dive more into the history of Laguiole knives.

Laguiole is a small village in southern France where local shepherds introduced Laguiole knives for daily purposes. With time, the tradition was carried further, and today, it has improved a lot. Laguiole knives have today become worldwide famous, and it’s top-quality is the sole reason behind it. Interestingly, Laguiole isn’t any registered brand that can keep its legacy to a single manufacturer.

Hence, numerous manufacturers commit to selling the Laguiole knives with the motive to take the tradition till today. And that’s the reason it’s easy for the counterfeit makers to sell their knives in the market and fool the buyers.

Now, below listed are the pointers that will help you find the genuine Laguiole knife.


Most people think that a real Laguiole knife will always have cartels. This isn’t true at all! Serration has almost nothing to do with the history of original knives that were made by the local shepherds of Laguiole. So, the presence of serration is a sign you might be having a counterfeit knife.


Price is something that everyone looks for when buying a knife. Laguiole knives are always sold high due to 100% handmade efforts and top-quality craftsmanship by a single person. In short, every single piece is made with the precision of knowledge and tradition. So, they are always sold with a high price tag. A cheap Laguiole knife is never original.

Handle Material:

Another significant factor that makes it easy to find the real knife is its handle and material used. Authentic knives are always made with buffalo horn, pistachio wood, juniper wood, or olive wood. You won’t find anything else apart from these handle materials. Still, if you encounter a plastic body or cheap handle quality, never consider it as a real knife.

Certificate of Authenticity:

Finally, the certificate of authenticity is the 100% workable factor that you can consider to distinguish a fake and real knife. A handmade Laguiole knife made from the root of Laguiole manufacturers always comes with a certificate that proves its authenticity. Further, it includes the manufacturer’s information, including its name, address, and phone number.

These factors are easy to implement and can let you save your hard-earned money from investing in a fake knife. Still, if you encounter doubt in finding the right Laguiole knife for your purpose, do put your query in the comment section below.

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