Heathrow Airport Also Suffers From a Significant Staff Shortage

Heathrow Airport Also Suffers From a Significant Staff Shortage

London Heathrow Airport, like Schiphol, continues to suffer from staff shortages. As a result, companies at the major European airport have to hire employees en masse from the airport to prevent subsequent capacity restrictions.


According to Heathrow, increasing the workforce by about half is necessary.

CEO John Holland-Kaye says there is now a shortage of 25,000 people, the same as the number of employees who left during the corona pandemic. “The sooner we get back to full capacity, the sooner we can get back to the old situation and put the risks of capacity constraints behind us,” he said.

Heathrow plans to release the restrictions this month and replace them with short restrictions on peak days, such as over the Christmas holidays. The airport, which had the highest number of passengers in Europe with 18 million this summer, has, like Schiphol, used a maximum number of travellers in recent months to prevent major chaos.

The London airport estimates that the number of passengers before corona will only be reached in three or four years, with 81 million in 2019. This is because now the number of business travellers is only half of what it was three years ago. There are also concerns about the number of passengers interested in holiday flights shortly due to declining purchasing power.

Heathrow reported this when announcing a loss of 442 million pounds, about 510 million euros, for the first nine months of this year.


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