Head of Government Northern Ireland Announces Departure

Head of Government Northern Ireland Announces Departure

Arlene Foster will step down as Northern Ireland head of government at the end of June, she announced in a statement.


Calls within its Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) for new leadership have recently increased, and there has been the threat of a vote of confidence in parliament. She is accused, among other things, of not correctly tackling the problems in the aftermath of Brexit.

50-year-old Foster wants to offer her party space to organize leadership elections. She will retire at the end of May after five years as the leader of the pro-British DUP. She says Northern Ireland needs to rise above divisions in the future.

Especially around Easter, it was restless in the British part of the country. Riots broke out between Republicans and pro-British loyalists, injuring dozens of agents. The reason for the riots was that the British part of Ireland became deeply divided again by Brexit.

To avoid creating an EU external border with border posts and controls between the Republic of Ireland and the British North, the part of the country has been given special status for the time being.

The trade controls required for this between Great Britain and Northern Ireland are, in the eyes of the pro-British Northern Irish, an unacceptable arrangement that would separate Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom.

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