Hackers Steal 31 Million Pounds From The Binance Bitcoin Exchange

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Hackers Steal 31 million pounds from the Binance bitcoin Exchange. A group of hackers has stolen 7,000 bitcoin from Binance, says the cryptocurrency exchange on his blog.


The digital coins together were worth almost 31 million pounds.

The hackers managed to break into users’ accounts on a large scale with the help of phishing attacks and viruses, among other things.

Via this route, they eventually gained access to a digital bitcoin wallet from Binance,

 from which the digital coins were taken out in one go.

The stolen 7,000 bitcoin would account for around 2 percent of the stock’s full possession.

According to Binance, other storage locations for bitcoins have not been affected by the hacking attacks.

Binance starts an inquiry into the attack, which will take around a week.

Users of the stock exchange may not deposit or withdraw bitcoins during that period.

The bitcoin exchange vows to repay affected users from a special fund so that only the exchange itself will suffer a loss.

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