Greenpeace Stops Ship With Russian Oil in Norway

Greenpeace Stops Ship With Russian Oil in Norway

On Monday, Greenpeace activists stopped a tanker loaded with Russian oil for Norway. They chained themselves to the ship’s anchor, which was on its way to an Exxon Mobil oil terminal, 70 km south of the capital Oslo.


According to the website Marine Traffic, the Ust Luga is anchored at the terminal, which tracks the location of ships worldwide. The activists want to prevent the tanker, flying the flag of Hong Kong, from docking with 95,000 tons of oil in the country.

According to Greenpeace, oil is not only the cause of the climate crisis but also of wars and conflicts. Because of the war in Ukraine, the environmental organization is calling on the Norwegian government to ban the import of Russian fossil fuels.

A spokesman for Esso Norway, the local subsidiary of Exxon Mobil, told the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet that the oil had already been bought for the invasion of Ukraine. According to the spokesperson, the company has no plans to buy more Russian oil.

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