Grandma Rita Reynolds (99) is the Oldest British Coronavirus Survivor

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Rita Reynolds is 99 years old and the hero of Britain. In the Second World War, a German bomb did not get her under it. Now she has also overcome the coronavirus.


The crass woman is still the oldest British survivor. Thanks to the many jam sandwiches.

You have to come from the first house to fell Rita Reynolds (99) from Bramhall, Stockport). She was 21 when she survived one of many German bombings of her home city of Liverpool during World War II.

When a bomb exploded near her home, she refused to go to the bomb shelter but crawled under a table to keep reading her book.

She was almost given up last Wednesday when Rita tested positive for the coronavirus. Her condition deteriorated. She had breathing problems, didn’t want to eat anymore or got out of bed. The family was told to take the worst into account.

Her daughter Cindy Phillips never left the bed for a moment. She was told that Rita had only a few days to live.

“She was not doing well,” said grandson Henry Phillips in the Liverpool Echo. “My mother was devastated. She was afraid that her mother would die without being able to be there. “”

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