“Google Hindered Employees Who Organised Protests”

“Google Hindered Employees Who Organised Protests”

“Google hindered employees who organised protests in careers.” Two Google employees who helped organise a protest against the company in November last year say that they are subsequently hampered in their career.

Meredith Whittaker from Google Open Research and YouTube marketer Claire Stapleton were said a few months after the protest that their positions in the company “would change.”

According to reports, they addressed this in messages to internal mailing lists from Google.

Whittaker worked, among other things, at the ethics committee for artificial intelligence.

The company quit this committee earlier this month after scrutinising the appointment of several members who were too close to politics.

Whittaker states she could only continue to work at Google if in the future she would stay far from ethical issues surrounding artificial intelligence.

Stapleton tells that two months after the protest, and she was told that she would lose her job as a marketing manager and would have to take a lower position.

When she protested against that decision, she was demanded to take sick leave, and her work was taken from her hands.

She hired a lawyer, after which the company withdrew the decision.

Worldwide protest for tackling sexual harassment
Whittaker and Stapleton were part of a team of seven Google employees who organised a worldwide protest in November.

Hundreds of Google employees then left their offices to protest the way the company deals with allegations of sexual harassment.

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