Google Brings in Intel Director to Build Chips

Google Brings in Intel Director to Build Chips

Google Cloud has hired Uri Frank. The man, who has worked for Intel for a long time is to lead Google’s chip department.


Last year it became clear that Google wants to develop its own System-on-Chip. The SoC should initially be used in the company’s Chromebooks and smartphones. The tech giant is said to work together with Samsung, among others.

Now those plans are taking shape with the hiring of Uri Frank.

The man becomes vice president at Google Cloud and will lead the new chip division in Israel. Frank had worked at Intel for twenty years, growing from engineer to corporate vice president of Design Engineering.

Google has been developing its own chips for some time, including the TensorFlow chips in 2015 and its own chips for processing videos. But tech giants that develop their own chips, adapted to their own needs, have been a broad trend in recent years.

Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon, among others, are now developing electronics for their own data centres and devices.

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