Google And Huawei Settle Issues With Nexus 6P

Google And Huawei Settle Issues With Nexus 6P

Google and Huawei settle issues with Nexus 6P.Google and Huawei want to settle for a total amount of 9.75 million dollars with a group of Americans, according to reports on Thursday.

The companies were charged with difficulties with the Nexus 6P telephone.

The group claim, which is also called a class action in the US, has been running since April 2017.

Google and Huawei developed the Nexus 6P mutually, but the device had some problems.

Prosecutors stated that they experienced from batteries that ran out quickly.

Also, they had to fight with a so-called boat run, whereby the device constantly rebooted itself.

According to the statement, Google and Huawei should have met their customers,

because the companies were informed of the problems, but did nothing about it. The aircraft also remained for sale.

The court must allow the settlement proposal in May.

If that happens, the prosecutors can get back up to 400 dollars per person.

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