Gigi Hadid Dragged To Court

Gigi Hadid Dragged To Court

Gigi Hadid Dragged to Court for photo Ex-Boyfriend Zayn Malik. Gigi Hadid (24) will probably be scratching her head for the latest lawsuit she has on her pants.


The top model posted a photo of her then-time friend Zayn Malik (26) on Instagram a while ago and will now have to dock for that. It is not clear which photo is involved.

Gigi again has a lawsuit on her pants.

The top model used a photo of her then friend Zayn on Instagram,

¬†without the photographer’s permission.

Robert O’Neil takes it and wants the blonde to pay.

“This lawsuit stems from the unauthorised and public use of a copyrighted photo of Zayn Malik,” read the documents.

But it doesn’t stop there. “Gigi Hadid has not been able to reproduce, publicise, publish and use the image and has never been.”

The photographer demands that the 24-year-old model admits being wrong.

Also, Robert expects “compensation and the proceeds that photo has yielded for Gigi” or “compensation of at least 150,000 dollars .”

Gigi has not yet responded to the charge.

In 2018, the model for a similar offence was taken to court.

The blonde posted a paparazzi photo on her Instagram.

“I understand that you live from this and I know that this is part of my profession,” she wrote at the time.

“But there is a limit. We are human, and sometimes it takes me a lot of courage to get along with you,

¬†because I only see the negative aspects of your presence in my life.”

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