Germany is at the Start of the Coronavirus Epidemic

Germany is at the Start of the Coronavirus Epidemic

The new coronavirus is no longer traceable in Germany, and the country is therefore at the start of an epidemic. This said the German Health Minister Jens Spahn.


Hospitals and employers must prepare for this, the minister said. Spahn points out that the ‘route’ that the virus takes from the patient to the next infected person can no longer be followed in all cases.

According to Spahn, the chains of infections have become separate from each other, and that is, according to him, a new development.

The spread of the coronavirus is thus no longer easy to follow. According to the minister, this raises questions about “the current strategy to combat and isolate the virus”.

The virus was recently detected in two people in North Rhine-Westphalia and three in Baden-W├╝rttemberg. In Germany, some 20 infections have been recognised since the virus appeared in China in December.

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