German Police Blundered At the Suspect in Maddie Case

German Police Blundered At the Suspect in Maddie Case

A blunder from German police led the suspect in the murder of British girl Madeleine McCann to have been notified in 2013 that she wanted to interrogate him in the investigation.


Last week, the Federal Investigation Service and the Public Prosecution Service of Braunschweig surprisingly announced that 43-year-old Christian B., who is imprisoned for other crimes, is suspected of the disappearance and murder of the missing Maddie.

In 2007, at the time of the events, he lived a few kilometres away from the hotel in Portugal where the child had disappeared. The child was there on vacation with her parents.

According to Der Spiegel, the German police were already on the trail of this suspect in 2013 after information from a man who claims to have been a colleague of B. at the time of the events.

Following this testimony, the police in Braunschweig B. had immediately called, according to the same source, to question him as a witness.

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