Georgia Delivers Russian Hacker To The United States

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Georgia delivers Russian Hacker to the United States. Georgia has extradited a Russian hacker to the United States. He is suspected of attacking the American bank JPMorgan Chase.


The suspect, Andrei Tyurin, arrived Friday in New York, where he promptly emerges before a judge,

 the US Department of Justice announced Friday.

Justice in the United States suspects that Tyurin with his hacks on financial institutions,

 news media and other companies are responsible for the biggest fraud of data from financial institutions in the United States ever.

The man would have carried out the attacks between 2012 and mid-2015 with three other suspects,

 including the data of eighty million customers of the American bank JPMorgan Chase.

Tyurin is charged with, among other things, computer intervention, which includes a prison sentence of up to five years,

 and trade fraud, for which he can obtain a maximum of thirty years in prison.

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