Fuss in Poland for Vaccine Priority for Celebrities

Fuss in Poland for Vaccine Priority for Celebrities

The vaccination of stars and politicians against the coronavirus has caused quite a stir in Poland.


The authorities had decided to vaccinate medical personnel first, but at a hospital in Warsaw, all prominent figures were also injected.

The hospital has vaccinated eighteen cultural personalities who were to act as ambassadors for the vaccination campaign.

These include actress Maria Seweryn (45) and 63-year-old singer Michal Bajor. The hospital is said to have vaccinated a total of 450 people, including employees and patients.

Politicians were also among those patients. That came in the spotlight when MEP Leszek Miller, a former prime minister, revealed via Twitter that he had been vaccinated on December 30. He shared an image of a medical document.

Poland has vaccinated more than 50,000 people so far. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki already spoke shame about people being vaccinated out of turn on Saturday. “There is no justification for breaking the rules,” he stressed. The Prime Minister said of a “real scandal”.

A government spokesman said on Monday that an investigation had been launched. He expressed the hope that the “guilty parties” will be punished soon.

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