French Schoolboy (14) Suspected of Murdering a Peer

French Schoolboy (14) Suspected of Murdering a Peer

A 14-year-old schoolboy has been arrested in southeastern France for stabbing his girlfriend to death. Her body was found early in the morning behind a village school in Clessé near Mâcon.


The body showed dozens of stab wounds and several other injuries such as a broken nose. The suspected murder weapon, a knife, was still in her neck. According to French media, the two were in a relationship and had arranged to meet on the night of the stabbing. After his arrest, the boy confessed to the murder to detectives.

The schoolgirl was still at home on Wednesday evening, but her parents noticed on Thursday morning that she had left the house in the eight hundred inhabitants of Clessé. A villager later found the body. The police are investigating the case with bewilderment.

Nothing is known about the motive. The boy had never had any problems with the law, but he is said to have suffered domestic violence at the beginning of this year, perpetrated by his father. The victim was a good and esteemed student with no significant problems.

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