France Wants to Investigate Crime Against Navalny

France Wants to Investigate Crime Against Navalny

France calls what happened to Russian anti-corruption fighter and politician Alexei Navalny “a crime” and demands “a rapid and transparent investigation”.


This has been brought out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris. “France is very concerned about this criminal act against an important figure in Russian politics”.

Navalny became unwell on a plane from Tomsk to Moscow last Thursday.

He lost consciousness and has not regained consciousness. After a few days of treatment in eastern Russia, he was transferred to a Berlin hospital.

There, doctors have said there is evidence that Navalny may have been poisoned, as Navalny’s family and supporters claim.

According to Russian doctors, the initial diagnosis pointed to a rare metabolic disorder, and the conclusion that external poison caused him to become ill is premature.

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