France Registers More Deaths in 24 Hours

France Registers More Deaths in 24 Hours

After a few days of a decline in the number of deceased corona patients, the French authorities counted more deaths on Monday.


In total, they recorded 833 deaths in 24 hours. More than 8,900 people have died of the virus so far in France.

The increase in the number of people admitted to hospitals in a severe condition is levelling off.

Health Minister Olivier Véran warned that this “is not over yet and the pressure on hospitals is very high”. He, therefore, again insisted on following strict rules about staying at home.

In France, as in other countries, there is some confusion in keeping accurate numbers of corona patients and deaths from the new virus.

Véran announced a significant research operation in institutions where dependent, often older people, are being cared for, with the aim of better mapping the consequences of the virus there.

More than 2,400 of the recorded deaths from the virus were in individual care facilities.

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