France Aims to Relax Corona Measures from May 2

France Aims to Relax Corona Measures from May 2

The French government plans to ease curfews and travel restrictions within the country on May 2. Then the expectation that the number of new corona infections will decrease must come true, said a source from circles around President Emmanuel Macron.


Macron is sticking to the goal of having restaurants serve guests outside again from mid-May. Restaurants and cafes have been closed since October 30.

Cinemas, theatres and museums could also reopen from mid-May, but with a limited number of visitors. Non-essential stores could then also reopen their doors.

Schools also had to close this month, but crèches and primary students can go back to class from Monday. Older students have to wait until May 3.

In France, a curfew applies from 7 p.m. Residents must stay within 6 miles of their home unless they have a valid reason to continue travelling

These measures can be relaxed if the number of new daily infections falls below 20,000. On Tuesday, there were more than 43,000 and 375 corona deaths were reported. The pressure on hospitals remains high.

Macron’s goal is for 20 million residents to receive at least one dose of a corona vaccine by mid-May. The counter now stands at 13 million.

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