First Vaccinated Worldwide Calls on Others to Vaccinate

First Vaccinated Worldwide Calls on Others to Vaccinate

A year ago, the British woman (91) who became the first person worldwide to receive a fully tested corona vaccine called on others to get vaccinated. “Just do it,” said Margaret Keenan in a video to mark the anniversary.


The woman describes the administration of the Pfizer/BioNTech drug on December 8, 2020, as “the best thing that ever happened”. “It was amazing. I can’t believe what happened then. I’m so glad I got the shot.” The grandmother, who will be celebrating her 92nd birthday next week, has now also had her booster shot.

In the video, Keenan emphasizes that the vaccine can prevent deaths. “It will save your life and those of your friends and family.” She also addressed the people who are still thinking about whether they want a corona vaccine. “Don’t think about it. Just go and have it done. Just do it. It doesn’t take long to get yourself vaccinated.”

Nearly 120 million doses of the corona vaccine have been administered in the UK since the first vaccination. Of the population from 12 years old, 88.9 percent has had the first shot, and 81 percent has been fully vaccinated. In addition, 36.4 percent have had a booster. The supplemental shots are given in the UK to the frail and over 40s.

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