Ex-Model Accuses Trump of Sexual Assault

Ex-Model Accuses Trump of Sexual Assault

A former model accuses Donald Trump of sexual assault. The US president is said to have pushed his tongue into Amy Dorris’s mouth in 1997 and touched her entire body.


When she wanted to push him away, he tightened his grip so that she could not escape, 48-year-old Dorris tells the British newspaper The Guardian.

She says she felt nauseous and raped after the event. The newspaper has posted photos showing that Dorris and Trump were together in New York during the US Open. In one photo, the then 51-year-old Trump puts a hand around her waist.

Dorris said she was considering going public in 2016 when other women made similar allegations against Trump. But she declined, partly because it could harm her family. Now that her daughters are 13, she wants to show them not to accept this kind of behaviour.

Trump denies ever harassing or abusing Dorris through his lawyers, according to The Guardian. Her story would be full of absurdities.

Last year, the American writer E. Jean Carroll (75) said that Trump raped her in the 1990s, resulting in a legal circus.

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