Europe Opens Borders for Inhabitants of Safe Countries

Europe Opens Borders for Inhabitants of Safe Countries

People from countries deemed ‘safe’ from outside the EU can in principle travel to Europe again from 1 July.


EU Member States’ ambassadors voted in a vote to a list of countries whose health situation regarding coronavirus is similar or better than the average in Europe, diplomats report.

Citizens from Canada, Morocco, Japan, Australia, Rwanda and Uruguay, among others, can take the plane back to Europe from Wednesday.

Because of the so-called reciprocity principle, the Chinese can only enter Europe if the country also allows EU citizens.

As expected, Americans, Brazilians, Indians, Turks and Russians are not yet welcome, as are residents from most Latin American countries. The list is reviewed every two weeks.

The EU decision is expected to be officially ratified on Tuesday. Countries still have to transpose it into national regulations, so that delays can occur.

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