EU Punishes Eleven Coup Plotters Myanmar

EU Punishes Eleven Coup Plotters Myanmar

The European Union is taking punitive action against 11 people it holds responsible for the coup in Myanmar and the crackdown on protests against it.


Things are getting worse in the Southeast Asian country, according to EU foreign chief Josep Borrell.

In early February, the army, which regained power in Myanmar, is trying to crack down on the protest movement against the coup. That violence has already claimed hundreds of lives.

According to German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, an “unbearable” number is now, who agreed on Monday with Minister Stef Blok and their other EU colleagues to take punitive measures against Myanmar.

The punished people are no longer allowed to enter the EU and can no longer access any money they may have housed there.

The EU is guarding against sanctions hitting the Myanmar population but wants to try to squeeze the army’s revenues. Foreign ministers may decide to deal with companies that are in the hands of the armed forces.

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