EU Flexible Rules for Ukrainian Refugees Extended for One Year

EU Flexible Rules for Ukrainian Refugees Extended for One Year

Ukrainian refugees can count on flexible reception rules in the European Union for at least another year. The European Commission will allow them to continue until March 2024, says responsible European Commissioner Ylva Johansson.

On Monday morning, the Russian bombing of Ukrainian cities underlined how important it is to continue receiving Ukrainians hospitably, Johansson said. The EU has hosted 4.2 million refugees since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February.

They do not have to apply for asylum for a year; unlike other displaced persons, they are allowed to work in the union, to school and to the doctor. That special status for Ukrainians, which the EU has never used before, will be extended for at least a year, says Johansson.

She also wants to accommodate Ukrainians who return to their homeland in the meantime but then have to leave again. They no longer have to deregister but only have to report their departure. Their registration under the flexible rules remains valid, and they can keep their card or sticker.

“To make it easy to flee again” if that turns out to be necessary, according to the European Commissioner. And to allay the fear that the “inspiring” returnees who want to dedicate themselves to reconstructing their country will lose their reception in the EU.

Ukrainians can now also put their resumes on display in an online EU “talent pool” so that employers can easily find them. As a result, many employers are diligently looking for new employees, the committee recalls.

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