Erdogan Wants to Change Turkey’s English Name

Erdogan Wants to Change Turkey’s English Name

“Made in Turkey” may soon no longer be found on products. This is because the country wants to rebrand and get rid of that English name. It is currently the same as the English word for ‘turkey’.

The Turkish government is said to be in talks with the United Nations to change their country name officially. The main problem lies in the fact that the English word for Turkey is ‘Turkey’. And let that be the same word for ‘turkey’ in English. The Turks are not really happy about that.

Also, the fact that the word “Turkey” in the Cambridge Dictionary means “something that turns out badly” does not sit well with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Instead of Turkey, the country would like to choose Türkiye. That is the name the country chose when it became independent in 1923 but was not actually adopted by western countries. “‘Türkiye’ best represents and articulates the culture, civilization and values of the nation,” it said.

The new name will also be used in official communications.

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