England Continues to Relax Corona Rules

England Continues to Relax Corona Rules

Part of the corona measures in England will be relaxed as planned from following Monday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced.


Among other things, non-essential shops, gyms, hairdressers and terraces may open again.

According to the roadmap, the English were already given many freedoms back last week to help the country out of the lockdown. According to Johnson, the current data shows no reason to believe that England will deviate from this map, which also states that holidays abroad may be allowed as early as May 17.

According to the government, it is too early to determine whether people can go abroad during the summer vacation. Johnson emphasized at a press conference on the measures that he is hopeful that non-essential travel can resume from May 17 but said he also did not want to give false hope. The prime minister added that he wants to prevent vacationers from bringing the coronavirus home.

The government wants to introduce a traffic light system for foreign travel, British media reported earlier. In red countries, travellers must be quarantined when they return to a hotel; in orange countries, this is allowed at home.

If a country is marked green, returning travellers only need to bring a negative corona test. The planning for the resumption of international traffic will be further elaborated in the coming week.

The lockdown in England is gradually being phased out now that more and more people have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own planning. The United Kingdom is the European leader in corona vaccinations.

60 percent of the population has had the first shot since the start of the vaccination campaign in early December. More than 10 percent has maximum protection with two injections.

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