Elon Musk Threatens: I am Leaving California with Tesla

Elon Musk Threatens: I am Leaving California with Tesla

CEO Elon Musk threatens to withdraw his car brand Tesla from California. He believes that local authorities are making it too difficult for him there, in the context of measures against the coronavirus.


Last weekend, Musk announced through Twitter, his beloved mouthpiece, that Tesla is about to move to another US state, Texas or Nevada.

To begin with, it would be Tesla’s headquarters. But Musk also does not exclude the relocation of the entire car factory.

Remarkably, Musk has since removed his tweets from his Twitter account. They sparked heated discussions on social media.

At the end of last week, Musk was told by the local authorities that his car factory is still not allowed to start production. And that statement has gone wrong in Musk’s opinion.

“Tesla is the last surviving car factory in California,” he peppered authorities. And he adds that Tesla is an important export product. In California, his car brand employs approximately 20,000 people.

That Musk is on the warpath is also evidenced by the fact that he says he wants to sue the Alameda County authorities.

In his indictment, he specifically targeted the “Interim Health Officer”, the official responsible for fighting the coronavirus. According to Musk, he acts contrary to the policies of the Governor of California and President Trump.

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