Done with Megalomania: China Imposes Height Restrictions on New Skyscrapers

Done with Megalomania: China Imposes Height Restrictions on New Skyscrapers

The Chinese government has imposed height restrictions on several cities for the construction of new skyscrapers. As the safety of the skyscrapers became an increasing question mark, new buildings were not allowed to be higher than 500 meters.


Those rules are now being expanded. The country wants to put a stop to the mutual construction struggle of cities.

Two Chinese ministries released a statement Thursday banning cities with fewer than 3 million inhabitants from building skyscrapers over 150 meters high. In exceptional cases, buildings of more than 250 meters would be allowed under strict conditions. In that case, the government must thoroughly check and approve the building plans.

Different rules apply to cities with more than 3 million inhabitants: new buildings are limited to 250 meters there. Exceptions are also possible for them, but never higher than 500 meters. Cities that violate the new rules will be charged for life, the statement reads.

Earlier this year, skyscrapers were discussed in China. In July, a height limit of 500 meters was introduced that applies across the country. After all, the Chinese authorities are finding it increasingly difficult to guarantee the safety of such towers. Moreover, critics have been openly concerned about the buildings in recent years. After all, not only the length but also the design would encourage cities to compete unnecessarily.

Zhang Shangwu, the deputy rector of Tongji University, was already clear about this in April this year in the Chinese newspaper South China Morning Post: “Every building wants to become a landmark. Developers try to achieve that by using the latest and the strangest. Unfortunately, people have become too rambunctious to create something that could go down in the future.” With the new rules, China now says it wants to put an end to that megalomania.

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