Deliveries of New Tesla Cars are Going Better Than Expected

Deliveries of New Tesla Cars are Going Better Than Expected

Deliveries of new Tesla cars are going better than expected. In the second quarter of this year, 90,650 cars were delivered to customers. That’s an increase of 5 percent, the automaker reports.


For the Model S, that meant a 14 percent increase from 6326 to 10,600 cars. The Model Y increased by 4 percent, from 75,946 to 80,050 vehicles. 88,400 models were delivered in the first quarter, Bloomberg reports.

Due to the corona crisis, the Fremont plant was closed for most of the first quarter. Also, many Teslas could not be shipped yet, for example, from China.

The automaker has now managed to make up for this by increasing production in the factory near Shanghai. Production is back at the same level as before the crisis, the automaker announced.

Tesla itself describes the number of models supplied as “somewhat conservative” because only the models delivered to customers are included. The final figures may turn out half a percent higher, the automaker thinks.

Elon Musk’s company also said that the delivery of cars does not determine the quarterly results. These will depend on other factors, such as selling costs, exchange rate effects and vehicle leasing.

The Tesla share seems to gain further value on Wall Street on Thursday. On Wednesday, the electric car maker sold Toyota as the most valuable carmaker worldwide in terms of market value.

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