Defamation Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Can Continue

Defamation Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Can Continue

The lawsuit brought by a woman against Donald Trump for defamation can continue. The highest court in New York ruled that the case can continue now that Trump is no longer president.


Summer Zervos filed the case in January 2017 because Trump had made false and insulting statements when he contradicted allegations of sexual harassment.

A few weeks before the 2016 US presidential election, Zervos, who appeared on the 2007 reality show The Apprentice, stated that Trump had assaulted her. He would have kissed her without being asked.

At a later job appointment, Trump would have done that again and would have grabbed her by the chest. Trump denied the charges, calling Zervos a liar.

He said when he was president that he could not be tried in that position. Zervos had asked the judge whether the case could now be heard. Trump has not opposed that, according to the ruling.

Trump, 74, has been accused of sexual harassment by more women.

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