Crossbow Intruder Wanted to Kill Queen Elizabeth

Crossbow Intruder Wanted to Kill Queen Elizabeth

The man arrested with a crossbow at Windsor Castle last year planned to assassinate Britain’s, Queen Elizabeth. That became clear on Wednesday during a hearing in London.

The man from Southampton would like to take revenge on the establishment.

“I’m here to kill the Queen,” 20-year-old Jaswant Singh Chail is said to have said when he was arrested on the grounds. The man wore a mask and had a hood pulled over his head. A police officer present at the time said in court on Wednesday that it looked like he came straight out of a movie.

The incident took place on December 25 last year. At that time, Elizabeth was in the castle with Prince Charles, Camilla, and a few other family members.

After an investigation by counter-terrorism police, Chail was charged with making death threats, possessing a weapon, and violating the Treason Act. This includes “firing or aiming firearms, or throwing or using any object or weapon, with the intent to injure or frighten Her Majesty.”

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