Coronavirus Leads to Panic Purchases of Mouth Masks and Gloves

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There is a risk of a shortage of mouth masks, gloves and other means that protect people against the new coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) is investigating what manufacturers and distributors need to supplement the offer, she reports on Friday.


The demand for protective clothing has risen to 100 times, and many people buy large numbers in one go, which has also led to a sharp rise in prices.

“This is a serious disruption to the supply that is intended for patient care, and not for personal use,” said the WHO.

In Singapore, where 33 people are infected with the virus, a higher warning level led to panic purchases of essential supplies. Shelves with toilet paper, noodles and rice, in particular, are empty and long lines form for supermarkets.

“I understand the concern, but hoarding certain items creates unnecessary panic,” the Singapore trade minister said on Facebook.

Singapore raised the warning level to orange, indicating that the virus is dangerous. That level was also introduced during the SARS outbreak in 2003.

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