COP26 Chairman: Pledged 100 Billion by 2023 at the Latest

COP26 Chairman: Pledged 100 Billion by 2023 at the Latest

The goal of making $100 billion annually in climate support available to developing countries must be achieved by 2023 at the latest.


That said, COP26 chairperson Alok Sharma, who, according to The Guardian, stated that much progress is being made and that countries are increasing their level of ambition.

The lack of promised climate support is a sensitive point at the climate summit. Rich countries had promised that by 2020 $100 billion a year would be made available to developing countries. But, according to the latest figures, that target has not been achieved, and about $ 20 billion is still missing on an annual basis.

The climate summit started last Sunday and is entering a new phase now that many world leaders have left. British media reports that US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida have already boarded the plane. The summit will last until the end of next week.

Many climate protesters remain active in Glasgow. Sky News reported Wednesday that police seized an inflatable Loch Ness monster. Activists faced the colossus with protest signs that read “Down with debt monster” and “Now climate justice”.

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